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Monoi Oil

The secret of our products is Monoï Oil; a century-old recipe from Tahiti, traditionally used for medicinal, cosmetic and religious purposes. The rich combination of natural pure coconut oil and the healing Tiaré Flower make the delicious Monoi oil. This powerful blend helps to unlock your natural beauty assets. With pure love and nourishment Monoï Oil will give you access to the healthy hair and soft skin you’ve been longing for.


The Double Beauty product line is based on certified authentic Monoi de Tahiti oil which offers you these benefits:

  • Heals dry, damaged skin & hair
  • Calms skin irritation, redness, stretch marks and scars
  • Restores the elasticity and condition of aging skin
  • Reduces hair breakage by 92%
  • Strengthens and gives shine to thin, frizzy hair
  • Protects skin & hair during sun- or heat exposure and intensifies the tanOur products contain no parabens or other preservatives,
    no mineral oil and no silicons. The hypoallergenic oil is suitable for all hair and skin types, even the most sensitive ones, such as babies.

Monoi De Tahiti

Traditionally Monoi Oil is from the French Polynesian Island Tahiti, where it has been used for centuries long. The women of Tahiti have been using Monoi Oil for hair, skin, Baby massages, and healing of skin problems, such as eczema, rashes, sun burns etc. The natural oil nourishes, moisturizes and repairs hair and skin, while the warm scent of the Tiaré flower stimulates your sense of wellbeing. The hypo allergic oil is perfect for all hair and skin types, even the most sensitive ones.Monoi Oil is a rich combination of pure organic coconut oil and the rich Tiaré flower. Both ingredients are typical for the French- Polynesian island Tahiti, and both offer great benefits for your hair and skin.

Pure extra virgin coconut Oil is pressed from the natural falling of coconuts from their palm tree. The tiare flower is soaked in that oils for about a month time. That’s how the delicious scent and calming effects of monoi Oil are born.

How to use Monoï de Tahiti Oil

In modern day women all over the world use Monoi Oil as a all in one beauty product. It will strengthen your hair, soften your skin and heal your skin after revealing your skin to harsh conditions like sun, wind, cold etc.

The hair has great benefit from using Monoi Oil, which can be used daily on dry and damaged hair, focusing on the ends. Or give the hair a intense deep treatment by using the oil as a hair mask, before shampooing. Monoi Oil can also be used as body oil, massage oil and even bath oil for its relaxing scent and moisturizing effects on dry skin. Suitable for all skin types, Monoi Oil even serves the most sensitive (baby) skin. Also monoi oil is extremely suitable as tanning product. Apply the oil during sun exposure to intensify your tan.

Double Beauty Monoi Oil

The Double Beauty line consists of:
– Monoï Oil Miracle Treatment (99% pure) 100ml
– Monoi Oil Daily Treasure Spray (50% pure ) 100 ml

Ingredients: Cocos nucifera oil, Gardenia tahitensis flower, Perfume,Tocopherol. No paraben or otherpreservatives. No allergen

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