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Grow Longer Hair, How To

So, lets be honest: most of us ladies want to grow longer hair thats healthy. We try and try but usually it doesn’t grow fast enough. At least, that’s what you think. But actually your hair grows about an average of 1 cm per month. That should be 12 cm a year…. So why don’t you see it? That’s because your hair breaks at the ends! Read 6 tips on how you can prevent your hair from breaking and so grow longer hair that’s healthy and shiny.

This is how the following steps have helped me to grow longer hair. Keep in mind that my hair is very curly so it shrinks about 50%. So it grew a lot more then you can actually see on the photo.


1. Retain Moisture – > Monoi Oil

The first step to grow longer hair is to retain moisture. The reason your hair breaks is because it’s dry and brittle at the ends. Use a sealing oil like Monoi Oil to lock in the moisture in your hair. After washing and conditioning your hair use Monoi Oil, depending on your hair type on your whole hair or just the ends (for hair that gets greasy easily). I use Monoi Oil after applying my moisturizing Leave-In Conditioner.


2. Satin Pillowcase and/or Satin Bonnet

While you sleep your hair rubs on the pillowcase. This breaks your ends and opens your hair cuticles which leads to dry and frizzy hair. You don’t want that if you are trying to grow longer hair. Sleep on a satin pillow case or with a satin bonnet on your hair. Satin does not damage your hair and does not suck out the moisture of your hair ( cotton does). I sleep with both, because I feel my satin bonnet keeps my curls in even better shape and the pillowcase is an extra protection for when my bonnet falls of plus it feels so soft on my skin.


3. Wear protective hair styles

When you are growing longer hair, you want to show it of. I get that… But when you wear your hair out, you leave the ends to rub against your clothes and you leave your hair out under harsh circumstances like the weather ( rain, cold or sun). Try to wear your hair in a protective style as much as you can, so you can actually grow longer hair. There are tons of nice up-do’s you can find on Youtube. Most important is to protect your ends when you want to grow longer hair. I got some great tips for curly hair from Naptural85. See the picture below for my Naptural85 CEO look for curly hair.

4.Weekly hair masks

Do not forget to pamper your hair every now and then. Conditioners are great, but once a week a good hair mask will do wonders to grow longer hair. I recommend using one with protein, to strengthen your hair. Make sure to use one without silicons ( those weigh down your hair and clog your hair cuticles so that moisture cannot get in). Also, try to use a hair mask or deep conditioner based on water with a caring oil. My favorite hair masks are: Mixed Chicks Deep conditioning, great for dry and curly hair. And I love the all natural Curl Rehab from Curly Junkie. You can also mix a few drops of Monoi Oil in your regular conditioner or mask for a natural protein boost and to restore split ends. I try to deep condition my hair about once a week.

5. Less Shampoo!

Easy with the shampoo please. Most shampoos strip your hair from all its natural oils, which makes your hair dry and frizzy.  Anyone should at least half their shampoo uses to grow longer hair. You will notice your hair will get less dry and will shine naturally. Even for straight hair that gets greasy really fast, you can cut the times you use shampoo in half and you’ll see your hair gets used to it and will produce less grease. When you do use shampoo, try using a shampoo without sulfates. You can find Sulfate free shampoo in the Mixed Chicks product line, Kinky Curly and Burts Bees.  I shampoo about ones a month and I wash my hair with just conditioner (co-wash) ones or twice a week. You can use Monoi Oil as a pre-shampoo (pre-poo) treatment to prevent the shampoo from drying out your hair completely. Monoi Oil locks in the moisture you have and closes of your cuticles so the moisture stays in even after shampooing.  Your hair won’t loose its shine and will feel soft and less frizzy. Perfect to grow longer hair.


6. Stop the aggression on your hair

To grow long hair, treat your hair like you would treat a babies skin. Softly and gentle. That means, less heat ( blow-dry, flat iron etc.) Less chemicals, like coloring, bleaching and straightening your hair. Also, less (aggressive) combing. Just use a comb while you have conditioner in your hair. This protects your hair and already does most of the work with detangling. And… more moisture! Just like you would moisturize your babies skin everyday, moisturize your hair everyday. Nourish it with TLC (tender loving care). You’ll see it will thank you for it. Depending on your hair type, you can use a few drops of Monoi Oil spray everyday on at least your ends. This will protect your ends from splitting and breakage. I use Monoi Oil Spray everyday on my end and I use it on all my hair every time I wet my hair.

I only straighten my hair with a blowdryer and ceramic flat iron about ones a year. Because sometimes I just want to enjoy my length a bit more then I do when it’s curly. This was my hair straight in december 2013 ( the last time I straightened it).

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Good luck growing out your hair! Comment to let me know how your doing with you hair growth. Are you even trying to grow long hair?

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