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Monoi Oil Spray is Back

Monoi oil spray

New Monoi Oil Spray

Monoi Oil Spray has been in extremely high demand over the past year. Therefore we haven’t always been able to deliver. Luckily this ultimate favorite beauty remedy Monoi Oil Spray is back! Monoi Oil spray has all the benefits of Monoi de Tahiti oil in a travel-friendly 100 ml plastic bottle. Monoi Oil Spray stays fluid in room temperatures at all times, so you are able to use it often and quickly.

Our new Monoi Oil spray bottle is round and compact, so it fits in your handbag, travel back or beautycase without a struggle. Use Monoi Oil Spray for hair and skin in any of the following ways:

  • Use a drop of Monoi Oil Spray daily on split ends
  • Work in a generous splash of Monoi Oil Spray on your hair before washing ( read here how to)
  • Apply Monoi Oil Spray daily on dry or damaged skin
  • Apply Monoi Oil Spray as a tanning oil during sun exposure or a tanning bed
  • Moisturize yous baby’s or children’s skin with Monoi Oil Spray as a replacement of unnatural baby care products

Monoi Oil Spray

The number of beauty purposes for Monoi Oil Spray are endless, so we could go on and on, but I know that lots of Monoi de Tahiti fans already know why most women fall in love with this ultimate beauty hack. If you want to know more ways to use Monoi Oil please read and follow our blog.

Enjoy this new Monoi Oil Spray and order it online via www.doublebeauty.nl or internationally via Amazon.

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monoi oil spray promotion

Monoi Oil December Promotion

Monoi Oil Spray + card

Monoi Oil Spray new bottle