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10 reasons to use Monoi Oil

10 reasons to use Monoi Oil

When I first tried Monoi Oil during my holiday in Paris, I had never heard of it, this was in 2012. I instantly fell in love with this magical oil. I just needed to know more about this little wonder and I kept opening the bottle just to indulge my senses with the sweet scent. Now Monoi Oil is one of those natural oils you keep hearing about in Magazines, blogs and social media. Why is everybody so intrigued by this Tahitian product? Here are 10 reasons to use Monoi Oil.

#1 The sweet scent of the Sun
Monoi Oil has the sweet and tropical scent of the Tiare Flower. This flower only grows in the tropical islands of the Polynesian islands and just smell like heaven. Monoi Oil basically brings the islands of Tahiti to your doorstep.

#2 Monoi Oil is the most hydrating of all
Research has shown that Monoi Oil is the most consistent hydrating oil, compared to Shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil and more. From the moment you apply Monoi Oil on your skin unytil up to 6 hours later the hydration level in your skin will be at its max.

#3 Heals dry and damaged skin
Because of the hydrating and anti oxidants effects of Monoi Oil, your skin will regain elasticity when using Monoi Oil. This means fading of scars, spots, stretch marks and flaky skin.

#4 Monoi Oil actually restores damaged hair
While lots of natural oils seal the hair from loosing moisture and giving your hair a healthy shine, Monoi Oil takes it to the next level. As one of the few natural oils, Monoi Oil can actually enter your hair shafts and strengthen your hair strands from within which reduces hair breakage with more than 92%. Goodbye split ends, goodbye frizzy hair and goodbye hair breakage.

#5 Multi million purpose
One bottle of Monoi Oil costs you about $20,- but can actually replace about 5-10 of your current beauty products worth hundreds of dollars all together; body oil, hair serum, heat protectant, after shaving calming oil, cuticle oil, beauty oil, facial cleansing oil and so on.

#6 Heavenly DIY recipes 
So, I’m a big fan of making my own beauty products with Do It Yourself recipes. If you watch the tutorials on youtube and Instagram and want to make your own hair mask, leave-in conditioner, body scrub and body butter, Monoi Oil makes a great main ingredient. Honestly, the pride of applying your self-made natural recipe to your own skin or hair, is worth the time and effort.

#7 Calm skin, calm you
The Tiare flower in Monoi oil has a soothing effect on irritated and red skin while the coconut oil in Monoi oil has a antibacterial effect. So when your skin or scalp is irritated or red from sun damage, shaving or waxing and allergic reactions, just rub on a few drops of Monoi Oil. You can actually feel your skin calming and see the redness fade as you apply Monoi Oil to the affected area.

#8 Protein shake for your hair & Nails
When you have dry and brittle hair you usually also suffer from brittle nails. That’s because they are both made of keratin. Monoi Oil is a natural source of protein to add strength and muscle to you hair and nails. Result? Longer, strong nails and hair. What spinach is to Popeye, Monoi Oil is to your hair and nails.


#9 Your personal weather report
Just like coconut oil, Monoi Oil solidifies at temperatures under 22C degrees celsius. That means in winter its solid and you have to warm it up before you can get it out of the bottle. But if you poor a little bit of monoi oil in a small jar, you can take it with you in your bag and use it for your dry lips, winter hands or just open the jar to sniff its lovely scent. But in summer…. to wake up in the morning and discover that your Monoi Oil is fluid, tells you that today the sun is out. What a feeling!

#10 Knowing you’re using the right product?
I could go on for at least 10 more reasons to use Monoi Oil, but I’m sure you get it by now. There is one comment I will leave you with. Monoi Oil is a natural product that is right for your skin and your health. That might be the most important reason of all.

Let us know why you love our Monoi Oil in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.