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The 5 proven steps of a sale proces

Are you missing out on sales in your store or business? If you are not applying these 5 steps in sales yet, you probably are. For most of our retailers, customer relations and great advice is high on their list of values. We believe that our line of DB Naturals thrives best is those stores. However, good advice is only great when it leads to a sale. Because let’s be honest, we need to sell in order to continue or businesses. By following these 5 steps of a sale proces, you will find yourself making more sales and getting succes, while satisfying your customers.

# Step 1: Greet every customer 

In many stores that I visit I am not greeted until I ask a question. You might think that it is unnecessary to mention this step, but consciously observe yourself or your team and see if they greet each customer upon entering. The greeting is the first step in the sales pitch. “Good afternoon ma’am, welcome to … what can help you with today?”. Notice! Do not ask “if” you can help but “with what.” This gives the customer the feeling that you are willing to fulfill their needs.

# Step 2: Find out the wants & needs of the customer

Most people buy products or services with just one reason; solving a problem. A customer does not buy a body oil, but they are buying a solution to their dry skin. Find out what problem the customer is trying to solve and especially why:

  • Why is your customer looking for a face serum, a hair serum or a bath oil?
  • Does this customer previously purchased a product for this problem and what product was it?
  • Why is she or is she not interested in anything else? What would she like to improve about her previous purchase?

# Step 3: Select the right product and present its value

By following step 2 you will not only determine which product you can advise the customer, but especially how to present it to her in a limited amount of time. A customer does not have unlimited time and probably has other things on her to-do list. A customer who is looking for an oil for dry hair, is not interested in ALL the other benefits of Monoi Oil for skin, scars, eczema, etc. The customer wants to know that Monoi Oil is the solution to her problem; dry hair. So limit the sales presentation to her wants and needs. See the image below for the value Monoi Oil to hair.


# Step 4: Make a proposal 

If you presented the value of the product and have advised the customer, it’s time for a proposal. Always make a proposal to the customer, even if you do not expect them to buy the products. Monoi Oil has a recommended retail price of € 19.95. Do not wait until they ask for the price or until they say they want to buy it. Tell them the prize and what other products they can combine the oil with, such as Monoi Oil Spray or a good conditioner. “The total price will be … euro, ma’am” If you presented the value of the product in step 2 than the product is worth this price. The reason not to proceed to a purchase is almost never “price”. The customer in this case is not convinced that this product is the solution to her problem. Therefore, steps 2 and 3 are so important. See the image below for the value Monoi Oil provides to skin.

# Step 5: Close the deal! 

If a customer walks away without buying anything, in many cases, it is because they were never asked for the sale. Always ask your customer for the sales and increase your revenue instantly. In step 4, you have made a proposal. Don’t let this conversation finish in an awkward silence, but ask them to buy. A few good closes are:

  • Should I leave this for you at the register, while you continue browsing?
  • I’m sure you’ll be happy with your purchase. Will you follow me to the register or would you rather browse around some more?
  • A little Monoi Oil goes a long way, so your product will last you long. Should I wrap it up for you?
  • Would you like me to gift wrap this or will you take it home in a bag?

Apply these five steps of the sales proces with all of your customers. Your team will achieve great sales on DB Naturals Monoi Oil as well as the rest of your inventory.

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