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Wash & Go with Monoi Oil Coco Dream

Monoi Oil can be used for every hair type, but the ways to use it differ per type. If you have curly hair like our customer Habiba you will recognize the problem go your hair getting dry, frizzy and tangled if you just was your hair and style it with a curling product. In this video Habiba shows how to get the perfect wash & go by using Monoi Oil Coco Dream.



Step by step Instructions

  1. Wash your hair with a gentle shampoo and or moisturizing conditioner
  2. Apply your curly hair product in soaking wet hair. Habiba does that in the shower to make sure her curl cream really saturates her hair and to make sure she covers every hair strand.
  3. Do not towel dry your hair, but instead use a cotton t-shirt or micro fiber towel on your hair. Towels will cause frizz and dries out your hair easily.
  4. Apply a moderate amount of Monoi Oil Coco Dream or Monoi Oil Treatment on your wet hair and distribute it on all your hair, focusing on the ends and damaged parts. It might be best to divide your hair into sections to make sure you cover everything.
  5. Let your hair air dry or use a blowdryer on cold air setting tp dry your hair. Try not to touch it to much while its drying. When your hair is completely dry you can shake it and create more volume without it getting frizzy.

Benefits of using Monoi Oil: 

  • Your hair is shiny and looks super healthy
  • You prevent your hair from breaking and damaging
  • The moisture of your conditioner and curl cream lasts much longer, because Monoi Oil locks in the moisture
  • Much less frizz and tangles in your wash & go

Enjoy this curly hair routine with Monoi Oil as a wash & Go.

Coco Dream Treatment can be purchased here!