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This section we dedicate to our retailers and sales representatives. We give you information about the products, sales training and special promotions.

Double Beauty believes that our products are best sold by personal advice. To do that correctly you will need knowledge on the products and on sales.

Training 1: Sell or be sold 

Monoi Oil reasons

To be successful in sales you need to be sold on the product you’re selling. If you truly believe your customer will benefit from the product you’re advising, you will be more convincing. If you are not convinced this product will be helpful, it’s more likely that the customer will sell you on the idea that she doesn’t need to buy the product. This rule applies to all products you sell. To get you absolutely convinced about our Monoi Oil, here we provide you with 10 reasons everyone should use Monoi Oil.

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Training 2: The 5 steps of the sales proces

5 steps of sales

We believe that our products sell best when advised to your customers. That’s because Monoi Oil is a problem-solving product for a number of skin and hair problems. You have read most of them in training 1. But how can you successfully advice and sell our products? Follow these 5 proven steps and you will most likely end up with a sale. These steps work on any product in any business. We have worked it out for you, to sell our Monoi Oil, here.

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